Healthcare Analytics


Healthcare Analytics
Leverage the power of analytics to better understand & manage the health of your population

With the increasing demands from the public for better quality of healthcare services and increased value, healthcare organizations are under significant pressure to deliver better results via reduction in costs, improvements in outcomes, and better care coordination. The pervasiveness of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases has also increased the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in managing their defined population. Analytics provides a mechanism to handle these challenges by offering healthcare organizations the capability to efficiently sift through the complexity of healthcare data to derive better insights leading to improved outcomes.

Leumas Solutions can help your healthcare organization leverage the power of analytics to make your data more actionable. We have the expertise to help you develop and apply proven healthcare analytics models based on your financial, operational, and clinical data to better differentiate your organization from competitors and at the same time achieve improved care outcomes. Why not utilize data from across the entire healthcare ecosystem to enhance proactive decision-making?

Now more than ever, your healthcare organization has the opportunity to optimize the use of analytics to drive better insights and smarter decisions. Learn how we can help you:

  • Optimize the intelligence from your analytics to make better informed decisions
  • Measure, monitor, and improve performance more effectively and efficiently
  • Develop role-based metrics and dashboards
  • Use predictive analytics to improve operational efficiency
  • Develop your own benchmarks to enhance regulatory compliance



Population Health Management

Population health management is fundamental to the effective delivery of healthcare. This implies the use of evidence-based and data-driven proactive interventions to achieve the best outcomes and also to understand what’s going on with your defined population. It’s about the getting the big picture right – identifying & monitoring population health trends and treating high-risk patients before the costs associated with their care escalates. That’s what our healthcare analytics services help you achieve.

Our unique approach to population health management combines data integration, advanced analytics, and concise interpretations of the resulting insight to help you develop an in-depth understanding of your population’s needs, risks, challenges and opportunities.

To support your population health management efforts, we help you:

  • Develop retrospective & prospective analyses of population health trends and patterns
  • Identify & manage at-risk populations and spot opportunities to intervene proactively
  • Profile & benchmark providers based on care quality and cost efficiency
  • Identify gaps in care, medical errors, and quality concerns
  • Develop the right metrics and indicators required for clinical decision support


Population health management is of growing importance to healthcare decision-makers. Let Leumas Solutions help you analyze, identify, and measure outcomes and costs within the complex interactions associated with population health management.



Healthcare Performance Analytics

Our Healthcare Performance Analytics practice will partner with you to develop & analyze the right performance metrics you need to turn your organization's data into actionable insight to support timely operational decisions and comprehensive performance management. The metrics and performance indicators that we help you develop are based on an integration of clinical, financial, and operational data - regardless of source system or vendor - to provide a single holistic view of your healthcare performance.

Your decision-makers and stakeholders will be empowered to use this single version of the facts to support their decisions as well as any actionable analysis they might deem necessary to perform. As a result, your healthcare organization will be able to:

  • Provide administrators, clinicians, and executives with insightful analytics that go beyond standard static reports to include the ability to perform further data exploration and analysis
  • Reduce or eliminate any data redundancy issues that inhibit effective decision making
  • Improve patient care and clinical operations while creating transparency at every decision-making level
  • Effectively correlate the impact of operational decisions on patient outcomes
  • Create and continuously enhance credible performance benchmarks
  • Comprehensively analyze risks and assess intervention opportunities



Clinical Analytics

At Leumas Solutions, we offer you the expertise to develop advanced analytics models to support clinical decisions that will help you translate all your clinical data into actionable facts at the point of care. Our clinical analytics services are designed to help you leverage evidence-based medical best practices and real-time medical data to enable you provide better informed and personalized patient care.

The analytic models that we help you develop continuously benchmarks your clinical analytics metrics against established medical best practices to ensure that you are providing the best care, eliminating gaps in care, improving care coordination, and reducing costs across your defined population.

Our approach to clinical analytics will help you to:

  • Identify and minimize gaps in care
  • Provide clinicians with insightful analytics that go beyond standard static reports to include the ability to perform further data exploration and analysis
  • Develop & monitor credible clinical quality measures based on national guidelines
  • Base your clinical analytics on an integration of data from multiple sources (such as in-house clinical data, payor claims data, pharmacies, labs, and HIEs)
  • Identify high-risk patients and intervene before their care becomes costly
  • Recognize & assess quality and efficiency improvement opportunities



Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics enables you to optimize all the various analytics that you perform. In partnership with you, we build actionable predictive models that enable you to take proactive measures to direct your resources to the right targets. Be it early interventions that drive behavioral change to prevent readmissions, identification of root causes of operational cost inefficiencies, or control measures to stop the escalation of an outbreak.

Our Predictive Analytics models, which are continuously refined based on your actual use-case data and other external data, can help you deal with:

  • Preventable admissions & readmissions
  • Emergency room utilization
  • Risk stratification (medical & financial)
  • Population health management
  • Chronic disease detection
  • Wellness management (including healthy living, tobacco use, High BMI, diabetes, and age-related ailments)
  • Elective surgeries and other elective procedures









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